As a wholesaler we are exceptionally well positioned. We have direct ties with the Avi Paz Group, as well as other site holders which enables us to acquire quality diamonds at very competitive prices. Because of these relationships we can also find diamonds that few have access to, and we can find exactly what our clients need.


We have also become the first choice for many private costumers. Many of our clients come to us to purchase diamonds for wedding rings and other personal jewelry and we sell these at wholesale prices. The level of quality that we provide is simply one of a kind.


As an additional service we have close ties with many jewelry factories, which means that we can bring to life any idea you may have for your jewelry pieces. This allows our clients to purchase exactly what they want, nut just what is displayed. Custom jewelry includes any piece you may need, from rings and bracelets to earings or any other piece.


Our offices are located in New York, Miami, Singapore and Bogota which allows us to supply clients all over the world.